Wednesday, May 13, 2009

it felt so simple, so prodigious at the same time.

my parents and i were in boston for the weekend. my dad got a job working up there, and so we were looking for apartments. the house on wellesley ave. won't be sold, hopefully in a few years my dad will be able to work from home in pittsburgh. until then, i'm excited about a new adventure and exploring a new city when i'm able to visit (hopefully once a month). we went to salem for mother's day because, having visited salem before, i knew my mom would love everything about the town. we took a tour of the house of the seven gables and also went to the salem witch museum, which was the proper mix of classy and cheesy. my family walks this line very well. here are some pictures i took there. once i looked at them on my computer, i realized they turned out better than i thought they would. often times, the pictures that i take and think nothing of, turn out to be my favorites. this is may be a little disconcerting. i realize that i have no idea what the word "disconcerting" means, where it came from, and what it means to be "un-concerting" something. concert? it's late. this thought might be embarrassing in the morning.

i like the shadow of the trees on the church.

an old cemetery in salem. by old, i mean really, really old. i thought these pictures turned out much better than the pictures i tried to take in the allegheny cemetery. i think since the tombstones were older, the picture felt like it had more reason. also, the tree is making it happen and so is the light. the tombstones aren't the focus.

the picture makes me feel like i'm a member of the kennedys. the colors of blue and the boats make me feel like this could be a photo in an album that their family made of one of their summers in cape cod.

the colors of these leaves remind me of what colors are like in dreams or when you first wake up.

i like the shadow on the table.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

everybody just stop talking

went on a walk in frick park on the perfect day. i like frick park. but i'm ready to be some place else. it's hard to know if it's okay that i've sort of run out of pictures to take in frick park, or if that's a sort of stupid thing to say. i know that when i'm in arizona, i'm going to miss the green and the shade. i know that the red rocks will make me feel like an alien in foreign land. i ought to savor this stuff up more.