Saturday, February 28, 2009

four people who don't belong here: b.werner, flower guy, laurie & me.

brian and i went the cemetery. here are some pictures i took. the first bunch i edited some. it's hard to know if it's okay to do that. or to what extent. or if every picture can look good once the color is fudged around and everything is extreme high-contrast. who knows.

regardless, brian still looks badass in this picture. and i still love the picture of the flower guy. in brian's picture, i'm in the background. in my picture, he's in the background. i like that.

i also took this picture of laurie from her roof in friendship. i like this picture. her bedroom, from the roof, feels a lot like a little elf's room. a place david the gnome might live.

and also a picture of my hair that makes me happy.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

mother sun

i also took their pictures. taking pictures of your friends who are silly can be difficult, but fun. taking pictures of more than 1 person can be difficult. especially when 2 of them obviously have ADHD and can't sit still. but, i love them. a lot. and we're all moving to the southwest together.

engagement pictures

i took pete and sarah's engagement pictures. which was fun. here are some of the best:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the art show

here are some pictures from my second art show. i love these pictures. i think i like the pictures more than i liked the actual dioramas. although, i liked the dioramas a lot. this isn't all of them - but these are the ones that were photographed best :)

the usual: birds, sky, sun.

it's been some time since i've uploaded things here. but that's okay. it's been hard since it got so cold outside.